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        在打破傳統時間藩籬、減少學習差距的宗旨之下,以使用者導向為理念規劃更有效率的雲端學習課程。希冀透過清華堅強的師資陣容孕育出一片知識之林,無償地提供學習者恣意地徜徉其中進行學習,希冀朝向【學習無藩籬 - 把清大老師帶回家】的教育目標邁進!
NTHU OpenCourseWare, OCW(http://ocw.nthu.edu.tw), is breaking the barrier of tradition, eliminating the gap of learning, and planning more efficient cloud-based  courses on the basis of the user-oriented concept. It is hoped to grow a knowledge forest with an array of excellent teachers in NTHU, and to let learners gain knowledge at their will without repayment.

         自2008年起,國立清華大學在邁向頂尖大學計畫的資源支持下,逐院進行數位課程的教材錄製,無償地提供大眾一覽清華大學優質的教學,我們深信學習不是少數人的事,而是所有人的事 !頂尖大學的堅強師資,我們無償提供! 充實縝密的優質課程,我們免費上傳,讓您在家就能讀大學!至2021年初,清華大學共計錄製180餘門課程,課程規劃目前分為工程、自然及人文社會三個學群,由基礎學科延伸至專業科目,並積極選取榮獲校院傑出教學獎的師資,推出具清華特色典範課程。目前清大開放式課程約錄製180餘門課程,量不在多而在精緻,每月平均造訪人數約4-8萬人。清華大學開放式課程除提供繁體、英文、簡體的響應式網站外(Responsive web design,通常縮寫為RWD),更提供課程側錄的教學影片,亦收錄教授與學生的學習筆記、各校考古題、學術著作等學習資源,讓學習者更加輕鬆。如此設計不止使開放式課程成為學生們學習的最佳幫手、在社會人士中頗受佳評,更重要的是,讓許多無法在現場接受教育的人們有新的學習管道!
Since 2008, NTHU has used the resource of The Aim For The Top University Project to record digital teaching videos department by department to provide the public with excellent lectures in NTHU. Until 2021, NTHU has recorded over 180 courses which are classified in 3 categories, engineering, natural science, and social science. Those courses, extended from basic to professional, are the model courses with the NTHU feature offered by teachers who won the Outstanding Teaching Award. So far, over 160courses have been recorded and put on NTHU OCW. We do not pursue quantity but quality. The website is visited by 40-80 thousand visitors per month. NTHU OCW provides not only traditional as well as simple Chinese, English, and mobile websites but also all-video courses, class notes, sample questions from previous exams, academic works as learning resources to make learning more easy. The design makes the NTHU OCW become students’ best learning assistance and wins the compliment of people in the society. The more important thing is that it allows those who have no chance to learn lively to acquire a new way to learn.

        展望未來,清華大學開放式課程欲積極邀請結合教學經驗豐富的退休教授參與其中,讓使用者體驗清華國寶級教授的魅力風采與人生智慧!不僅如此,更計畫邀請榮獲傑出教學獎的教師參與,讓更多人感受清華中生代的創新思維與放眼國際的胸襟!而除了擴展參與影片錄製的教師資源,更廣邀清華的優秀人才 ─ 書卷獎得主們分享課程筆記,讓使用者們能透過她人的經驗,對於課程有更深入的了解!
Looking forward to the future, NTHU OCW intends to invite retiring professors with abundant teaching experience to join us in order to let users view national-treasured professors’ charm and life wisdom!Besides, NTHU OCW plans to invite more teachers who won the Outstanding Teaching Award to participate to let more people involved in the middle age’s innovative thinking and ambition of internationalization. In addition to recruiting more teachers to record videos!NTHU OCW invites excellent talents, Presidential Award winners, to share their class notes to let users learn more deeply through others’ experience.

If you recognize the idea NTHU OCW promotes, or you see much precious knowledge passed down from NTHU OCW, NTHU OCW sincerely invites you to join us and donate money to support our idea and help us disseminate more knowledge to benefit more people.Please donate money to “National Tsing Hua University ” and designate the purpose of the donation as “Office of Academic Affairs OpenCourseWare.” We do appreciate your participation.

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